Is your startup ‘investor ready’? (Part 2/3): Pre-raise fundamentals

The importance of the boring stuff In the early years of building a start-up, founders almost always overlook key corporate, legal, tax and financial hygiene matters (the boring stuff) in favour of developing their product, finding market fit and acquiring customers. It’s not an ideal approach to building a global business, but cash is tight […]

Is your startup ‘investor ready’? (Part 1/3): The stages of development

So you reckon your startup is ready for external capital? Let’s find out. In this series of three blogs, I’ve tried to distill  my experience in acting for venture capital fund managers, angel syndicates, crowdfunding platforms, corporate venturing arms and emerging technology companies on their early stage funding transactions, to provide an overview of the capital […]

Is your startup ‘investor ready’? (Part 3/3): Structuring the deal terms

Introduction Once an early stage company has achieved technical validation and consumer validation (detailed in my first blog in this series), and has addressed key corporate hygiene matters (detailed in my second blog in this series), it’s time to address the really hard stuff – structuring your deal terms. Negotiating the legal terms upon which equity, debt […]